Farming to some people is seen as a wonderful way of life, a way of getting back to basics. For me, it has been my chosen profession for 25 years now. A second generation farmer, I was introduced to farming at the age of 13. Then, it relied largely on hand labour, as most of what we produced was vegetables and there weren’t machines to do the jobs or they were too expensive. Since then our family farming business has navigated itself through great change. An era of great income generation and expansion as supermarkets grew in importance, followed by a period of circumspection, as they looked to consolidate and then followed by a desire to change as we sought to diversify.

Our journey is probably like that of many farmers who have not only sought to survive but thrive in these modern day times. It is however unique to us, as it’s our adventure, rooted in who we are, our self belief of what we can do: facilitated by our location and geographical climate and our personal desires to embrace change and look to carve out a future of fun and excitement that will bring hope for a more fulfilling life, both for ourselves and perhaps our children!

The catalyst for starting this blog was a set of disappointing financial results after a long hard year, bringing about the need for fundamental change to our business – again! It was to journal the process of change and to share with others our thinking, initiatives, success and failures. This may at least show what farming means to ourselves, be interesting to some and perhaps even provide some encouragement to others.

Farmers I believe have sado-masochistic tendencies, we do it because we love doing what we do, but the last time I checked at least, we don’t have a  registered charity number and therefore have to make money from what we do!

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